Server Info

Players Online: 0
Accounts: 809
Characters: 857

Version 83
Experience Rate: 1.7x
Meso Rate: 1x
Drop Rate: 1x

Getting Started

1. First you'll need to download the full client HERE. You can't just use any old files, there are a lot of specific .WZ edits that were done in the making of this server.

What do I do with this JoblessMS Client.rar file?

You use a program such as Winrar to extract the contents of it to a folder, make sure to extract the files to a new empty folder and not one previously used for a different server since we have custom content here which might conflict with thiers. Once extracted the guts of the game will be in there, you should be able to run the JoblessMS.exe and get access to the game.

Are there any updates to any of the .wz files availible?

Check the news section HERE. If there are new updates redownload and replace your client or follow the news links to the specifically updated file. Usually there is just a new .exe as of late.

Where did my JoblessMS.exe go?

It's probably that your windows defender or antivirus is falsely identifying the JoblessMs.exe as a virus and quarantining it. You can restore the .exe with the method specific to windows defender or your particular anti-virus (Google how to unquarantine files for your specific circumstances) Following this, make an exception for the .exe in your windows defender or anti-virus so it will no longer be removed. You could also turn off your windows defender or anti-virus.

When I run the .exe I get some error about a gr2d or something.

Some players found it helpful to manually change thier monitor refresh rate to 60hz when having this error.

When I run the .exe it says my WzMss.dll is missing.

Some players experiencing this problem found it useful to download and install this Microsoft Distributable.

When I run the .exe I get an error: Parameter is incorrect.

If you're using Windows 8 or higher this is to be expected. Try right clicking on your .exe and going to properties, compatibility and setting the .exe to run in compatibility with Windows 98/me or Windows XP (service pack 2). You may still experience this error on occasion, after running it some amount of times it will likely work.