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Christmas 2017 | Posted by GMSlut on 12.06

Event is on Standby

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas you jobless degenerate fucks. ^0^ During the event be on the lookout for...

redgreenpresent.png  Red/Green Present 

... you can turn them in to Maple Claws in Henesys for prizes.


maplemashat.png  Maplemas Hat (level 0) - 1500 redgreenpresent.png
versalmashat.png  Versalmas Hat (level 0) - 1500 redgreenpresent.png
magicalmitten.png  Magical Mitten (level 8) - 250 redgreenpresent.png

v Random Sock Chance v: 1000 redgreenpresent.png

redchristmassock.png  Red Christmas Sock (level 10) Wep Attack
greenchristmassock.png  Green Christmas Sock (level 10) Mag Attack
navychristmassock.png  Navy Christmas Sock (level 10) Str
whitechristmassock.png  White Christmas Sock (level 10) Int
yellowchristmassock.png  Yellow Christmas Sock (level 10) Luk
purplechristmassock.png  Purple Christmas Sock (level 10) Dex

Also be on the lookout for (ONLY OFF-ISLAND MONSTERS TYPES) dropping:

maplemaslights.png Maplemas Lights (level 25)
maplemastree.png Maplemas Tree (level 30)
versalmascactus.png Versalmas Cactus (level 30)
christmastree.png Christmas Tree (level 10)

The event period has ended, I hope our players found what they were looking for!

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