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Every Friday I take full page screen captures of the rankings so make sure your character looks snazzy then. If the links aren't working you may have to download the full .rar of ranking images for that date.

Server Launch (assorted in .rar)
Friday, November, 17th 2017 (.rar)
Friday, November, 24th 2017 (.rar)
Friday, December, 2nd 2017 (inactive week)
Friday, December 8th 2017 (.rar)
Friday, December 15th 2017 (.rar)
Friday, December 23rd 2017 (.rar)
Friday, December 29th 2017 (.rar)
Friday, January 5th 2018 (.rar)
Friday, January 12th 2018 (.rar)
Friday, January 19th 2018 (.rar)
Friday, January 26th 2018 (.rar)
Friday, February 2nd 2018 (.rar)
Friday, February 9th 2018 (.rar)
Friday, February 16th 2018 (.rar)
Friday, February 23rd 2018 (.rar)
Friday, March 2nd 2018 (.rar)
Friday, March 9th 2018  (.rar)
Friday, March 16th 2018 (.rar)
Friday, March 23rd 2018 (.rar)
Friday, March 30th 2018 (all) (all beginner) (.rar)
Large period of inactivity
Friday, May 4th 2018 (all) (all beginner) (.rar)
Large period of laziness (sorry)
Friday, July 6th 2018 (all) (all beginner) (.rar)
Large period of depression (sorry xD)
Tuesday, January 8th 2019 (vanilla) (classic) (islanders) (campers) (.rar)
Sunday, February 10th 2019 (vanilla) (classic) (islanders) (campers) (.rar)
Wednesday, March 20th 2019 (vanilla) (classic) (islanders) (campers) (.rar)
Thursday, April 18th 2019 (vanilla) (classic) (islanders) (campers) (.rar)