Server Info

Players Online: 0
Accounts: 812
Characters: 857

Version 83
Experience Rate: 1.7x
Meso Rate: 1x
Drop Rate: 1x

All About Us

JoblessMS has many distinct features which make it the best server to play any kind of beginner or oddjobber in, period.

  • 1x / 1x / 1x (2x Quest Exp) -mostly- vanilla server.
  • No cash clothes, just good old common equipment aesthetic, put your grind work on display.
  • Free hair, eye and skin changes. No hair, face, or clothing gender limitations, just choose Become Gender Neutral when speaking to NIMAKIN etc.
  • No pay-to-win features, no HP washing, no stat resets... Basically, no bullshit!
  • Individual rankings for Campers, Islanders, Beginners and other specific odd builds.
  • Compete in rankings for Mesos, Fame, Vote Points and eventually Quest Points and Minigame wins.
  • Classic v62 islanding experience as it should have been before Nexon fucked it all up.
  • Make all manner of Oddjobs. Str Mages (20 int only), Str Archers (25 dex only), HP Warriors (35 str 4 dex only), Etc. / Str Rogues (25 dex and 4 luk only, no str for bandits), Etc. Pirates, (4 str and 20 dex only, gunslingers can add str), Besinners (Beginners who add luk and equip the magical mitten)
  • Maple Trading System utilized to trade items easily for mesos in Victoria Island!
  • New Hardcore and Iron modes availible for an extra challenge.
  • Nostalgic events with appropriate inclusion.
  • Earn gachapon tickets by killing monsters and voting for the server!
  • Custom gachapon with only common-equipment and relevant scrolls to simulate a more active economy.
  • Arrow drops have been completely removed. Thank god.

Alex and I are a small team. I put this server together by looking at how things looks and reverse engineering solutions, I'm no master coder, Alex is the coder who has recently joined the team and he is much more competent than I am for creating content and fixing problems. Predictably, the server has problems, I hope you'll be able to look past those while we work on it.